Draw, Draw, Draw!

What is the first thing to do with a brand new drawing pad? Why, sketch, of course! Tommy used an artist mannequin for inspiration to begin his doodling journey. IMG_1131


New Item Alert!

We have just added some new scissors to the makerspace! I know what you are thinking…”why are scissors that exciting?” WELL, the reason they are so super cool is that they have different edges, so you can add pizzazz to any project! Elevate your next scrapbook page or school poster. Twelve designs to pick from!  scissorscut

New Item Alert!

Welcome back makers! May the new year bring lots of fun and learning from the makerspace. We have a new item added to our collection of all things creative: looms! Last week, two looms were donated to the space and students have already taken advantage of this cool way to weave! Come to the space to learn how to use one- or even make your own. Happy weaving!