Draw, Draw, Draw!

What is the first thing to do with a brand new drawing pad? Why, sketch, of course! Tommy used an artist mannequin for inspiration to begin his doodling journey. IMG_1131


There’s a New Robot in the Building!

A new Ozobot is now living in the makerspace, tucked away on our high-tech work desk. This tiny robot moves through color-coded mazes either on paper or digital screens. You can draw mazes in specific color combinations, which is actually a code that the Ozobot reads and uses to guide behavior. Click here for the complete list of color codes and the corresponding movements. You can also download one of the apps to experience another level of basic coding and robotics! To learn more about this mini robot check out their website by clicking here.

Hint: When creating tracks for the Ozobot it prefers the colors: black, blue, red, and green

Watch this video to get started here

New Item Alert!

Just today we received a donation of a whole tote bag FULL of stamps and different colored inks! If you enjoy fun stamps, come to the space and try them out! Here are a few of the new products…

groovythank youstampsstampscloseupEnjoy!