Pocket-Sized Castle

Who are you?

Sarah, Library Technical Assistant, and makerspace blogger 🙂

What did you make?

A tiny 3D castle with its very own observatory!

How did you make it?

I used the free program Tinkercad to create the basic design. I knew that I wanted to make a castle because that was one of the first 3D objects I designed while participating in Albert’s tutorial during Teen Tech Week 2015. Also, who wouldn’t want their very own castle?!?! It would be great to use for game pieces as well. A benefit to using Tinkercad is that you can easily pull pre-designed shapes to use in creating your object. The geometric shapes that I used most frequently were: hexagonal prism, box, cone, half sphere, wedge, and I also found the cylinder hole very helpful. This allowed me to create circular windows while the box hole selection allowed me to make doors.

To actually make the castle, I dragged and sized the base of the buildings onto the grid and then pulled the workplane option from the “Helpers” tab on the right side of the screen. The benefit of using workplane is to allow you to add a roof or something on top of the shape and make sure it is exactly on top of it instead of eyeballing it and having it end up floating in space. After I completed the design in Tinkercad I saved it as an .STL file and then opened Cura software and exported it to an SD and then put it right into our Ultimaker 2!


Castle Tinkercad




What did you learn while making it that might be useful to others?

The rotating tool is a bit tricky and not extremely precise in Tinkercad. When I tried to flip shapes upside down or rotate them, it kept adjusting the size all wacky, so I had to try a few times. This happened when I was trying to create one of my two tunnels. Because it was an odd angle, I ended up piecing two cylinders together.

I hope that you find this post useful and feel free to drop by the makerspace any time with questions. I also highly suggest dropping in every Thursday for #3Dthurs where Albert will help with any 3D projects/questions! We have a lot of very cool free resources in the library that you should definitely take advantage of 🙂


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