LEGO Mindstorms: Program and Build

What to do on a Monday? Finish building a customized LEGO Mindstorms robot of your own creation and give it the programming smarts to move around? Ollie did just that after seeing what another student accomplished after modifying a LEGO Mindstorms model. Ollie hopes to have his robotic wonder roaming freely soon after programming its imaging sensor. Who knows what will be added on next? IMG_1071

Teen Tech Week 2017 was a blast! We celebrated it March 8th-10th and used a drop-in format so that students could come and go, try new materials, and focus on what they were most interest in. Here are a few photos highlighting our week.

Mark Your Calendars!

Teen Tech Week is right around the corner. Activities will be starting the Wednesday we get back from break (3/8). We have tons of drop-in events (see calendar below) and remember to sign up for the library for flex block to experience Breakout EDU! Adam will be teaching an Arduino workshop for beginners on Thursday afternoon, so just stop on by if you are interested in learning or if you want to improve your skills. We hope to see you there!


The theme this year is BE THE SOURCE OF CHANGE!

Product Review: Wacom Tablet

Today we are chatting with Eric about his recent project with our Intuos Pro.

Eric used this super cool tool to combine his interest in art, machines, and prosthetic limbs to create a character using the newest Adobe Photoshop technology.

Let’s get started!

1) What are you working on?

In my free time I am recreating the character called Eye of the Machine, which I will post online to connect with other artists. The idea for this creature came from a dream.

2) How did you make it? 

I scanned the original image in black and white, and from there, I took it to a new level and perspective by using Photoshop. Although I am familiar with Photoshop, this is the first time I’ve used a tablet.

*He completed the project in 3 days

3) What did you learn while making it that might be useful to others?

Using a traditional “click-mouse” was a drawback for me, so that’s why I like the tablet because it feels like I’m actually drawing the image by hand. Using a tablet feels funny at first, but it changes the way I think of drawing.



If you are interested in using this Wacom tablet, come to the makerspace! We also have Photoshop and Illustrator if you would like to try these programs.


Sphero SPRK+ 3D Accessories

The newest member of our robot family has a new 3D printed cart! Here’s how the cart was made:

A few weeks ago our Sphero SPRK+ came in the mail, and this past week folks in the makerspace have been creating accessories for it! The plans for the cart were on Thingiverse, but they were adjusted in Cura and Tinkercad. The purpose of the cart is to put a GoPro camera on the back.

The cart was printed in four separate pieces: the head, the body, and two wheels. The prints took approximately 10-15 hours to complete.

Once the cart was assembled, the head piece fits around the robot (which can change colors!), and then you can control it through an app for the iPad called Lightning Lab.           makerspacesphero1


Come to the makerspace today to try out the robot!