Mini-Wardrobe is Fashion Forward

It may still be summer, but it’s never too early to think about fall fashion. Maker Nate C. made this miniature ensemble for the thespian in us all. Nate has said this look is a work “in-progress,” so here’s hoping we get to see the entire cast of decked-out art figurines soon. IMG_0883


Making is Electric!

Maker Carl F. created a Slayer Exciter using copper wire, a  a 2n2222a transistor, a 22kOhm resistor, and “a lot of magnet wire.” Carl mentioned that he created the air-cored electrical transformer as a demonstration for Robotics Club to show students what is possible when cobbling materials together. Hopefully this magical-maker display of electrical ingenuity inspires curious makers to take the leap with electronics.IMG_1176

Cardboard Can Be Anything!

It wouldn’t be the Thursday before Spring Break without making something out of nothing. Aspen and Ollie decided to use our abundant supply of saved/reclaimed cardboard to make a yarn ball sorter/dispenser and cardboard ukulele. It just goes to show, when you’re part of a community of makers anything is possible. IMG_1097