Who We Are

We are book lovers, information sleuths, curious learners, and makers. We are the librarians at Essex High School and Center for Technology Media Center! In 2014 we opened our school’s makerspace in an old periodical room in our library. We thought it was extremely important to have a space for students to collaborate, make things with their hands, and learn. Libraries are learning commons, and the makerspace supports that goal. It is also a way for our students to be exposed to new activities to which they had not been previously. If you come and visit our space, you will see why the makerspace movement is really taking off in schools and communities!

We place an emphasis on technology and crafts (if we are feeling really creative, we might combine the two!). We have a wide range of products that lend themselves to the tech folks: Two 3D printers, a CarveyLego Mindstorms, Sphero RobotArduino, MaKeyMaKey, littleBits, Wacom Tablet, vinyl cutter, and iPads. The “low tech” area has button makers and materials for projects relating to drawing, painting, jewelry making, clay sculpture and mosaic, embroidery and sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, calligraphy, and a rainbow of duct tape colors. We also have a section of reclaimed objects such as old circuit boards, cassette tapes, out-of-date newspapers, and DVD cases. During Teen Tech Week 2017 we built a Lego wall, which provides a space to build 3D models vertically. The makerspace is open from 8am-3:15pm Monday through Friday.

Meet our librarians:


Inspired by innovation- made by librarians.


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