Sphero SPRK+ 3D Accessories

The newest member of our robot family has a new 3D printed cart! Here’s how the cart was made:

A few weeks ago our Sphero SPRK+ came in the mail, and this past week folks in the makerspace have been creating accessories for it! The plans for the cart were on Thingiverse, but they were adjusted in Cura and Tinkercad. The purpose of the cart is to put a GoPro camera on the back.

The cart was printed in four separate pieces: the head, the body, and two wheels. The prints took approximately 10-15 hours to complete.

Once the cart was assembled, the head piece fits around the robot (which can change colors!), and then you can control it through an app for the iPad called Lightning Lab.           makerspacesphero1


Come to the makerspace today to try out the robot!


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