Pokémon Togepi

Today we spoke with a student who wanted to improve her 3D modeling skills and translate a character that she loves into a valuable learning experience. Here she will tell us about what she made:

Who are you?

Mars Doubleday.

What did you make?

A 3D Togepi print (Pokémon character).

Why did you make it?

I wanted to test out my modeling skills and I like Togepi.

How did you make it?

Mars used Tinkercad to design the Togepi and then used our Ultimaker 2 to 3D print it.


Printing in progress…


What did you learn while making it that might be useful to others? 

Mars originally wanted to paint the triangles red and blue, but found that painting them was more difficult than she thought. Instead, she has opted to leave the print in the original color.



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