Wednesday Photo of the Day/ Project of the Week

Who are you? 

Stacey! Amateur circuit builder
What did you make?
We made light up conference badges using a Lilypad Twinkle.  The goal for the workshop was to connect one LED with the Twinkle and its battery pack.  I’m familiar with simple e-textile circuits so I challenged myself to use six LEDs instead of one.  I completed my challenge, though not in the flower shape I wanted because of the space constraint.
How did you make it?
We were provided an Arduino based re-usable kit that included conductive thread, needles, fabric, lights, switches, batteries, etc. The kit can be taken home, added to, and used for many wearable computing projects with hats, purses, jackets, etc.  Because there is no soldering involved with the LEDs, Twinkle and its battery pack can be taken out of one project and turned into another fairly easily.  For a similar project, check out this guide, linked from the Vermont Makers webpage on E-Textiles.
What did you learn while making it that might be useful to others?
I learned more about Arduino coding, though the project we created didn’t use coding, and information about multiple LEDs making a circuit.  It’s very important when working with e-textiles to snip your thread ends very close to the knot.  The extra can cross over onto thread for the opposite circuit and lead to a short circuit- sometimes there can be little sparks when that happens, so for safety it’s best to look over your sewing work before inserting your battery for testing.
For more ideas and projects that use wearable computing, check out Adafruit’s Wearables page that includes guides for some of the projects as well as links to the materials needed.
e textiles etextiles2
Can you spot the light?

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