3D Project of the Week

Who are you?

I am Caty Wolfe, the instructor for Pre-Tech2:IDEA (which stands for IT, Digital Media, Engineering, and the Arts).  It is a program for Sophomores who like to learn in an integrated style.
What did you make?
I am working on a mechanism for a wind up toy.  I am fascinated by old clockwork-style toys, and the physics behind them.  My students are learning about electricity and electronics right now, and we are looking at how things move with motors and without.
How did you make it?
I found a plan on Thingiverse and am printing a ‘first draft’ to edit using Google Sketchup for the elements that need to be 3D printed and Adobe Illustrator for those that can be cut on the laser cutter in the fab lab.
What did you learn while making it that might be useful to others?
There are settings for fill percentage and shell thickness.  I think the next one I make will need to be solid fill to make sure it is strong enough to withstand winding, but as this is a first draft, I am sure I will find many other things to adjust!

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