Project of the Week

Calling all knitters and wannabe knitters! This week we are talking with Stacey who LOVES to knit mini creations. Join us as she explains her latest mini project~

Who are you? 

Stacey! Amateur knitter of tiny objects.

What did you make?
I made a small knitted toy for a 15 month old baby to play with on a plane ride. The goal was to have something small and convenient to keep in a purse but big enough that it could still be a fun toy (and not a choking hazard).
How did you make it?
I adapted the free pattern of Knit Boy and Purl Girl by Anna Hrachovec at MochiMochi Land- I doubled the size of Knit Boy, changed his hair slightly and swapped the K for a B for ‘Blake’.  I used size 1 double pointed and circular needles as well as size 1 yarn, making this version just as adorable and delicate looking as the original.
What did you learn while making it that might be useful to others?
This was the first time I tried to change the size of a pattern.  To make it easy on myself I simply doubled most of the instructions, but came to find out that simply doubling isn’t as easy as it seems!  I had scratch paper so I could mark out the changes and double check that the number of stitches I would end up with was correct.  I was eyeballing how big to make the torso and how long to make the arms because there were points when I’d think ‘This would end up being disproportionate looking if I added another 10 rows’.  Go with your gut, you can always frog (unravel) the project and start over, don’t be afraid to make mistakes!
IMG_0090Ready to give the gift to her grandson!

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