Project of the Week/Photo of the Day

This week we had two advisory groups come to the makerspace to make birdhouses out of recycled materials. Students also made vinyl stickers and buttons!

Materials needed:

  • Used soda/water bottle (main part of the birdhouse)
  • Dowel (for birds to perch)
  • X-ACTO knife (to cut holes)
  • Wire (to hang birdhouse in a tree)
  • Birdseed (for birds to eat!)
  • Paint (for decoration/ to attract birds by color choice)

To make:

  1. Make sure to remove the label from the bottle- we don’t want any birds eating the plastic!
  2. Use X-ACTO knife to cut a small X shape on either side of the bottle directly across from each other- this allows you to stick the dowel through bottle more effectively. If you choose to make a two-tiered one like the image shown above, make sure to place holes about two inches apart as you need to keep in mind the height of the birds.
  3. Make small drain holes in the bottom of the bottle (for water to drain if it rains).
  4. About an inch above where the dowel comes out of the bottle cut a small V-shaped hole. Making a V-shaped hole allows for the birdseed to fall out slowly, instead of pouring out.
  5. Paint your plastic bottle birdhouse! Bright colors attract birds, so keep this in mind.

Here are some photos of the students making birdhouses!

Preparing the houses


Painting them


Other students decided to work on other projects

Mosaic tile


Making buttons with math equations on them!


Some students also made vinyl stickers. They stayed with the bird theme!



Send us your pictures of your own birdhouses made out of recycled materials!


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