Project of the Week

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but the makerspace is thinking spring! This week we have been all about gourd birdhouses.

These gourds were donated to us, and have been drying for a few years!

gourd      gourd       ...004


Pictured here is a Day of the Dead themed birdhouse. It took the student a whole day to make the house including the time it took for the paint to dry. She was inspired to make this project for her grandmother because she likes birds.

Materials used: scissors, rope, paint, stickers, and Mod Podge.

Process: Cut off the top of the gourd and cut holes in the side for the rope. Paint the birdhouse and put stickers on the gourd. The student also decided to put some Mod Podge over the stickers as it will be hanging outside. Once the project is dry, thread the rope through the holes in the side so that it can hang from a tree!

Other birdhouse gourds in progress…

...006 floorpainting


Pictured below is a more traditional design-

After she finishes sketching the design she will paint it, then we will drill a hole in the middle area of the gourd and hang it by where the stem is!



Come and make a gourd birdhouse today!


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