What Are You Going To Make This Vacation?

Today is the last day before a week-long break, which gives a chunk of time to work on something creative (you should also check out a book at the library…or you could check out one of the instructional books in our makerspace).


What are your goals as a maker this upcoming week? Try to think outside the box because making doesn’t necessarily need to mean drawing a picture or scrapbooking. It could be going to the thrift store and repurposing found objects such as making pillows out of sweaters, or painting $0.50 dishes to create something new! You could also download SketchUp 3D modeling software for free to start creating a project for the 3D printer once we get it up and running, or you could design a unique image using Microsoft Paint or Adobe Illustrator to turn into a vinyl decal for your car. You could use some comic strip boards to make a comic book, or maybe you could knit new mittens!

There are endless options of things to make. You do not need to follow a pattern, make an elaborate creation, or even make something big. Just make. It’s a great feeling to design something yourself, create with your own hands, and problem solve. And I almost forgot…HAVE FUN!


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