Copic Central!

Copic Markers are amazing markers/pens made in Japan that can be used for a variety of projects! They are popular among the makers here at school for creating manga and illustrations- these particular markers provide a polished, professional finish to pencil and ink drawings! They come in a variety of colors, which is extremely helpful for shading. The students describe them as “blending better than regular markers” and “like that they have a brush tip”- referring to the to different nib sizes on either end of the marker. See Sketch Markers here for visual. There is also a marker specifically used for blending, which students in the makerspace have found helpful as well. If you have never used one of these markers and love to draw, come and try one out! They provide incredible quality for professional artists as well as beginners.

The artwork in the picture above was drawn in pencil first by the student, and is in the process of being colored in with Copics. Check out the Copic Markers website here.

Happy drawing!


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