Student Guest Post

Students told us what they enjoy about the makerspace- Here’s what they had to say:

Allison: “I love to make buttons in my free time at the makerspace. Mainly because I get to choose what’s on the button, and I love giving something I made to friends. Everyone in there is very helpful and friendly!”

Kirsten: “The makerspace is my favorite thing about school! I love coming here whenever I have spare time in the day. The makerspace has so much stuff it’s never boring! I wish I could be here all day! Everyone should come!!”

Marlene: “The makerspace is awesome! This is different from my art class. I feel more free.”

Savannah: “I love the makerspace because every time I come in everyone is so nice. There are so many great materials. I can always do whatever I want and it’s fun to make things for other people! Every time I have spare time, I come here. I would come on weekends if I could! Go makerspace! WOOHOO!”


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