Portrait of a Maker: Stacey

Stacey G. is a library media assistant here at the EHS/CTE library. She loves comic books, video games, and desserts.

Makerspace: What are your favorite makerspace activities?

Stacey: I love teaching people to knit. As a beginner myself, I love watching their enthusiasm grow as they learn.

Makerspace: What inspires you?

Stacey: Seeing other people’s projects- some people tell stories with their art and others just want to put something beautiful into the world.

Makerspace: What are you currently working on?

Stacey: I’m working on Christmas gifts for friends and family! I’m making hand warmers that look like owls (they’re filled with rice that hold heat when you microwave them) and tiny knitted creatures from the Mochi Mochiland website.

Makerspace:  What would you like to learn next?

Stacey: I’d like to learn more with the Arduino and create an Iron Man Arc Reactor for myself!

Makerspace: Any advice for newbie makers?

Stacey: Keep going!  It’s more about the process than it is about the results. With each attempt you learn, and that carries on into other projects!

hand warmers


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